Moscato d'Asti

Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin

Variety 100% Moscato

Yeld per Hectar 90 q/Ha

Harvest manual with baskets

Production The grapes are pressed at about 1.5 bar and the must obtained, cleaned by filtration from the suspended solid particles, is refrigerated in order to avoid refermentation.
Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature, from 8 ° to 20 ° C.
When the wine reaches 5% alcohol, the fermentation is stopped and all cooled at -3 ° C. Further filtration and bottling follows.

Alcohol 5%

Residual sugar 121,21 g/l

Total acidity 5,70 g/l

Tasting notes:
Brilliant straw yellow color. Characteristic, intense and inimitable aroma of fresh grapes and
ripe, peach and white flowers, to which are added floral notes of yellow fruits.
On the palate it is delicate, sweet and fragrant with medium intensity bubbles, soft and enveloping
that reconfirm the extraordinary floral notes.

Moscato d’Asti is ideal at the end of a meal and as an accompaniment to desserts.
Try it with cheeses like “blue cheese”, Gorgonzola and fruit,
like peaches and melon and cream ice cream.

Service temperature: 10/12 °C


Location: Piemonte – Italy

Coordinates: 44°45’8.76″N – 8°22’54.11″E

Municipality: Nizza Monferrato (Asti)

Soil: clay and sand

Altitude: 274 m slm

Breeding system: Guyot

Picking: October