Limited Edition

Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin​

Variety 100% Barbera

Yeld per hectar 70 q/Ha

Harvest manual with baskets


The grapes are delivered to the cellar as soon as possible after cutting and are then subjected to a visual inspection to select the best bunches. 

The destemming and crushing of the grapes are the next steps. 

The vinification in 50 hl steel barrels at a controlled temperature will follow, and at the same time a fundamental phase to give color to the must, called “reassembly” and subsequent délestage, is done. 

After the completion of the vinification the resulted wine is aged for a period of 18-20 months in precious oak barrels followed by maturation in the bottle for at least 3-4 months in our cellars.

Alcohol: 14%

Residual sugar: 0,45 g/l

Total acidity: 5,65 g/l

Awards: 94 points from “I migliori Vini Italiani – Luca Maroni” and 94 points from “Gilbert Gaillard”

Tasting notes

Luca Maroni writes…

Sensations: first of all, with its inscrutable colour, it manifests visually the richness of its composition. Both the olfaction and the palatal contact confirm the awesome essence of grape extract. 

An impressive mass but with an excellent balance between softness, acidity and tannin, so as to stand out harmonious and enveloping in swallowing. 

The olfaction denotes the excellent integrity of winemaking, the un-oxidised strength in sap and spices of its powerful aroma. 

Its turgid, clear, quilt of marasca cherry and violet, is glazed with spices. A great wine.

Intense ruby red color, tending to garnet with aging. Intense, characteristic, ethereal bouquet. Dry, full-bodied, harmonious and round flavor.


It expresses its best, if accompanied by typical Piedmontese dishes, such as cold cuts, braised meats (Brasato), mixed boiled meats (Bollito Misto). Excellent with game cooked “al civèt”.

Service temperature: 18/20 °C

Production area: Nizza Monferrato


Location: Nizza Monferrato (Piemonte – Italy)
Soil: clay loam ground
Altitude: 299 m slm
Breeding system: Guyot
Harvest: October

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