Piemonte Chardonnay

White Wood

Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin

Grape variety 100% Chardonnay

Yeld per hectare 90 q/Ha

Picking manual with baskets


Production The grapes are manually harvested in baskets,
scrupulously selected and conferred in the cellar in the shortest possible time, to start
the pressing phase. The must obtained is first transferred to steel barrels, where it begins
alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature for a period of 6/7 days.
Followed by the completion of fermentation in fine oak barrels, in which
the fermentation process is performed and a battonage is performed to enhance the aromas and
the structure of the wine.

Alcohol 13%

Residual sugar: 1,54 g/l

Total acidity: 6,53 g/l

Tasting notes: Luca Maroni writes …
sensations: a white of sweetness of fruit and of suademente exceptional spices. Excellent
oenological sharpness its transformation: a varietal of banana and limpid grape pulp e
stainless steel, with a set of vanilla-flavored oak balms of highly calibrated and floral fragrance
expressive aromatic. Then a great excerpt, an enveloping, powerful, very harmonious
gustatory softness. A great wine.

The high alcohol content and the spicy notes make it ideal when accompanied with cheese
seasoned like Castelmagno but also with smoked salmon and spicy white meats.

Service temperature: 14/16 °C

Location:            Piemonte – Italy
Coordinates:                44°42’47.47″N –     8°21’22.01″E
Municipality:                    Castel Boglione (Asti)
Soil:                    clay and sand
Altitude:                391 m a.s.l.
Breeding system:    Guyot
Harvest:                September